Type of support


On the basis of the received insurance documents, WDB analyzes the concluded insurance policies  in terms of insurance coverage customization to the business profile.  If necessary, we search for best practices on the international insurance market.


  • Preparation and implementation of claims handling procedures;
  • Training of technical staff in claims handling;
  • Own CRM system, dedicated to support the processes of managing the insurance coverage of our customers.


Preparation of valuations of real estate for insurance purposes at:

  • Replacement value
  • Actual value

WDB S.A. actively cooperates with the Property Valuers Pretium in this respect.


In the case of strategic cooperation, we offer our clients practical and free support in preparation of  a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to prevent business continuity disruption due to unplanned circumstances (e.g. coronavirus pandemic). For this purpose, we organise risk workshops conducted by a specialised law firm, during which a tailored, up-to-date business continuity plan is developed. Thanks to this, if necessary, we are able to arrange for our clients  comprehensive insurance coverage in the scope of  income loss (BI  insurance).


As a part of comprehensive and strategic cooperation with our customers, we offer implementation support in the field of the latest technologies for monitoring the property and health of employees. For this purpose we cooperate with market leaders. Thanks to these actions and support, our customers have even more effective prevention systems and thus more favourable insurance offers.


The risk assessment is carried out in the following areas:

  • fire and theft protection at company locations;
  • maintenance and substitution of machinery and equipment systems;
  • civil liability (including product liability);
  • product withdrawal from the market.

On the basis of the information collected during the audit, a report with recommendations for risk minimisation is prepared. The analysis and report is performed by a WDB S.A. Risk Engineer.


  • Collecting insurance,  financial and accounting data for the offer;
  • Preparation of an insurance programme tailored to the Client's needs (taking into account risks specific to a given industry);
  • Preparing a request for proposal to insurance companies;
  • Evaluation and comparison of offers received from the Insurers;
  • Recommendation of the most advantageous offer taking into account the scope of coverage, exclusions and limitations, as well as  efficiency and flexibility of claims handling, evaluation of the Reputation and Standing of the Insurance Companies;
  • Submission of an application for issuance of insurance policies;
  • On-hand Customer service:
    • Professional insurance advisory,
    • Notification of  property and sale of property for insurance,
    • Request  for reimbursement of the insurance premium for unused insurance period,
    • Termination of civil liability insurance contracts for motor vehicle owners,
    • Reminders of  premium due dates or instalments,
    • Timely renewal of insurance contracts.


WDB S.A. as one of the few brokers on the Polish market undertakes to prepare effective protection in the case of so-called "difficult risks" and "unknown risks". Thanks to this, we are extremely effective in insuring the interests of e.g. furniture manufacturers or innovative companies whose business models are not yet reflected in the market.

If necessary, we search for solutions on international insurance markets.