Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We carry out activities that bring real value to the common future. Therefore, we established projects (, which are part of our investment in the future success of the young generation.

Grupa Kapitalowa Polskie Dzieci Foundation

Established in 2015 Foundation supports health education in Polish schools. The aim of the Foundation is to promote and prevent healthy lifestyle among children, youths, educators and parents. Find out more at:

Grupa Kapitalowa ZSQUAD


Zsquad is a project which, operating under the core- School Accelerator of Success in Business, educates and supports high school students in the area of conscious development of their careers and effective entries into the Polish business market. The activities within the project include motivational lectures, workshops and internships in companies from the WDB Group. In addition annual scholarships are awarded to support development of students’ personal interests. Find out more at:

Grupa Kapitalowa Stowarzyszenie

Association of Injured and Affected in Missions Beyond Country Borders

Support for military veterans. For several years we have been cooperating with this Association supporting soldiers of The Polish Army, who were injured during their foreign missions (especially in Iraq and Afghanistan).