Type of Insurance


We offer our customers full support in terms of insurance of buildings, production lines, machinery and equipment, vehicles, adjacent areas and all assets located within the entity. As part of our cooperation we additionally provide, among others, risk audits (by our own risk engineer), property valuation according to replacement value, technologically advanced solutions for protection of clients' property and health. We organise additional financing for preventive activities, mitigating the risks  for our clients' businesses. We provide our clients with full support in claims handling thanks to our own CRM system. We work with hard-to-insure risks and, if necessary, look for solutions available on international markets.


We support our clients in designing and negotiating industry-specific  third-party liability insurance. We offer, among others, third-party liability insurance for residential communities, D&O insurance for management boards of companies, W&I insurance, professional indemnity insurance.


We specialise in comprehensive negotiations on the conditions of PA insurance programmes for students in Polish schools. Through available technological solutions, we arrange coverage for over 250,000 students in 750 schools and educational institutions across the country. Thanks to our experience, we guarantee comprehensive  insurance coverage, with respect of high insurance amounts, a wide range of variants and in line with legal regulations.


We manage  for more than 6,000 heavy transport vehicles, more than 160,000 passenger and commercial vehicles in cooperation with business entities of all profiles. We specialise in comprehensive insurance programmes for companies in TSL, rent-a-car, CFM and large company fleets segments. We also present extensive experience in working with rail and marine insurance.


We are very effective in organising, customising and managing the life and health insurance programmes for our clients' employees. We offer full support in arranging  coverage for professional groups, for which we use advanced IT solutions. We implement programmes for several thousand employees, with the involvement of our clients. We have over 120,000 employees in group life schemesn and over 250,000 students in PA programmes. Thanks to our strong negotiating skills, we provide our customers with the high quality coverage at discounted prices. We offer support in designing and negotiating life, health and income protection programmes  for specific professional groups, including: direct sellers (including MLM industry), IT specialists, owners of transport companies, public administration, capital and financial market institutions.


We deal effectively with finding insurance coverage for hard-to insure risks, not fully recognised by the insurance market. Our clients' portfolios include, among others, nanosatellite insurance, in a comprehensive formula of coverage from manufacturing to In-orbit phase. We are able to build unique insurance programmes for businesses operating  in the field of renewable sources of energy (RES industry).