We cooperate with:


TIG S.A. - Tech Invest Group S.A.

Tech Invest Group S.A. conducts investment activity on its own account, using the model consisting in recapitalisation of entities operating in various business segments (especially in the area of new technologies), combined (via its subsidiary T&T Consulting Sp. z o.o.) with support for their development: strategic consulting, capital market consulting.

TIG is also pursuing its strategy through a special purpose vehicle, i.e. Kvarko ASI Sp. z o.o., which investment budget amounts to PLN 30 million (BRIdge Alfa grant project). Kvarko ASI each holds 1/3 of the shares and votes: TIG, Startit Fund Sp. z o.o. and Venture FIZ - a fund established and managed by Lartiq TFI S.A. (formerly: Trigon TFI S.A.).


Krajowy Instytut Ubezpieczeń Sp. z o.o.

An industry institute serving institutions, companies, and organisations of the entire financial and insurance sector (insurance companies, banks, brokers, insurance and financial agents and advisors, actuaries, loss adjusters, dispatchers, arbitration courts, rating agencies).

The National Insurance Institute deals with social and health insurance issues. The Vermont Insurance Institute became a partner of the National Insurance Institute in this field in 1997 and since 2002. The Medical University of Lodz, together with which the Institute organizes series of scientific conferences and publishes the journal Polityka Zdrowotna. In cooperation with the Medical University of Lodz, the Institute runs a permanent Observatory of Health Insurance and Medical Services Market Development in Poland and other European countries - regular reports are published in Polityka Zdrowotna, Menedżer Zdrowia and Wprost.


PRETIUM of valuers Gabriela Pietras Muszyńska

The range of services offered by the company includes, among others, valuation of residential, commercial, office, land and building inventories. Thanks to the cooperation with Pretium Property Valuers, we can offer our Clients free valuation of real estate for insurance purposes.

Wdbsa Partnerzy Jul

Office of Legal Advisor Joanna Urbańska-Łopatka

The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to numerous business entities and capital groups operating in various industries. The team provides current and strategic advice to its clients in the areas of company law, capital and financial market law, operations of public companies and insurance intermediaries, mergers and acquisitions and due diligence processes. The firm supports its clients and advises them on numerous business projects, including those related to grants and subsidies obtained by clients.